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The client for this high-rise luxury residential condo is someone with refined tastes, seeking a sophisticated yet modern ambiance for their living space. For the art curation, I've carefully selected pieces that speak to the client's refined tastes and appreciation for artistic expression. A bronze sculpture by Rachel Ann Stevenson, a hand-colored drypoint etching by Salvador Dali, and a giclee print by Margaret D. H. Keane will serve as focal points, infusing the space with cultural richness and visual interest. To tie these elements together, I've chosen Gucci wallpaper and a luxurious Golran rug, adding texture and sophistication to the ambiance.

In the dining area, the Pigreco Dining Chair designed by Tobia Scarpa perfectly balances style and comfort, while the Togrul Dining Table by Tacchini exudes elegance and modernity. These carefully curated pieces complement the overall design scheme, creating a refined yet inviting atmosphere for dining and entertaining.

The space itself is characterized by an open-concept layout, incorporating living, dining, and kitchen areas seamlessly. This layout is indicative of a contemporary lifestyle, where fluidity and connectivity between spaces are valued.







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