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Yana Ashim is an interior designer and artist based in Austin, Texas, known for her bold and artistic approach to each of her projects. Originally from Ukraine, she moved to California at a young age and spent her formative years in San Francisco. Ashim’s early professional career took her on a journey through medicine, research, tech, and finance, before she decided to follow her passion and undertake graduate studies at The New York School of Interior Design in New York City, then open her own design studio in Austin.

Although she came to interiors more recently, Ashim has been an artist since she could hold a brush. Her paintings burst with color and expression, and she accepts commissions for one-off pieces as well as custom murals as part of her interior projects. These two practices overlap seamlessly and inform one another intrinsically. Whether she’s starting with a literal blank canvas or a home that’s empty or in need of care and attention, Ashim combines her eye for color and composition with her vivid imagination, for results that are brimming with character and personality—always keeping her clients’ tastes and needs top of mind.

Ashim draws from multiple sources of inspiration for her various projects; from the architecture discovered on global travels, to trips to antique markets, design fairs, and industry events she frequently attends. She relishes opportunities to source furniture, artworks, and objects for her clients from all four corners of the world, and to integrate them into her projects with contextual sensitivity. Forever mixing vintage and contemporary pieces, and integrating unexpected yet beloved items, Ashim assures that each of her projects will always be a true reflection of those who inhabit them.

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