Haus of Y.A.


Oil & Acrylic on Canvas 40x40

"Plastic" is a captivating painting that draws attention to the issue of plastic waste in our world today. The focal point of the painting is a young girl reaching for the balloons representing plastic, set against a backdrop of a black and white checkered pattern.

The girl's expression is one of curiosity and wonder, as she reaches out for the shiny balloons. However, the balloons are a stark reminder of the overwhelming issue of plastic waste that our society has created, and the impact it has on the environment. The checkered pattern in the background serves to reinforce this message. It can be interpreted as a representation of the contrast between our love of convenience and the damaging effects of our choices on the environment. Through "Plastic," I encourage us to reflect on our relationship with plastic and the consequences of our actions on the environment. The painting urges us to take action and find sustainable solutions to reduce our dependence on plastic, and to strive towards a healthier and more resilient planet for generations to come.

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